Creating Operational Excellence

(1000 MW Thermal Power Plant, Tamnar Chhattisgarh)

  • India’s first private sector entity to have set-up a mega power project
  • Consistently ranked amongst the best power stations in the country on PLF for the last six years Over 2014-15 the company achieved a PLF of 91.01 per cent and generated 7,972.53 Mu of power on the availability factor of 94.15 per cent.

Plants Overview

The Thermal power plants (3400 MW):

Thermal power projects: Fueling the nation’s growth

4×250 MW, Tamnar, Chhattisgarh Thermal Power Plant

JPL’s 1000-MW mega power plant in Raigarh was the first such plant in the private sector. The first unit went into commercial operations in December 2007 and all four units (250 MW each) went on stream within a period of nine months. The power plant was set up with four turbine generators of 250 MW each.


The plant is located near Tamnar in the Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh and is approachable from Raigarh by the state highway, which branches off at Punjipathra, about 12 km from the site and 34 km from Raigarh town. The nearest broad gauge rail link is at Raigarh, 35 km away. Raipur is the nearest airport, 280 kms away from the project site.

Salient features of the plant

  • The first power plant to achieve ‘mega power’ project status in the private sector in India
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards
  • Water supplied from the river Kurket, 25 kms from the plant
  • A 18-m high dam built on the river Kurket
  • Coal transported from mines to power project on a 6.9-kilometer pipe conveyor belt
  • The company has established a 258-km, 400-KV double circuit transmission line from plant to the PGCIL sub-station at Raipur for selling power anywhere in India

The Dam

To meet the consumptive water requirement for the 1000 MW thermal power plant, a dam has been constructed about 25 km away on the River Kurket.


  • Catchment area: 783 sq km
  • Submergence area: 681 ha
  • Top level of dam: RL 261.50 m
  • Maximum height of spillway: 18 m
  • Length of right dyke: 1133 m
  • Length of main earth dam: 244.25 m
  • Length of spillway: 144.75 m
  • Length of left dyke: 210 m
  • Total gates in spillway: 10
  • Size of spillway gates: 12 m x 8.5 m
  • Size of pump house: 13.5 m x 19.5 m
  • Reservoir capacity: 35.687 m. cu.m
  • No. of pumps: 3
  • Capacity of each pump: 4000 cu.m/hr

Transmission Line

The contract for construction of the 258-km, 400-KV double circuit transmission line was awarded in October 2006 with the completion target being set a year ahead (including the rainy season). The survey finalized erection of 701 towers at different places. It also included three major river crossings along with:

  • 400 KV line of PGCIL at five places
  • 220 KV line of PGCIL & CSEB at six places
  • 132 KV line of CSEB at three places
  • SECR railway crossing at two places


  • Total length: 258.251 km
  • Total towers: 701 nos.
  • Forest: 5.920 hectares at village Rabo (Raigarh)
  • 400 KV crossing: 5 (PGCIL)
  • 220 KV crossing: 6 (4 CSEB+1 PGCIL)
  • 132 KV crossing: 3 (CSEB)
  • Railway crossing: 2 (SECR)
  • River crossing: 3 (Mand, Asdeo, Sheonath)

The lines were successfully charged with two consecutive circuits on April 3 and 8, 2008 through which power could be sold anywhere in India. The line transmits power from three units of the plant to PGCIL Raipur.

4×600 MW, Tamnar, Chhattisgarh Thermal Power Plant

JPL has further expanded its presence in Tamnar with a 2,400 MW (4X600 MW) thermal power plant. The completion of 2400 MW expansion project has taken Jindal Power Limited’s (JPL) installed capacity to 3400 MW, thereby making it one of the largest private power producer in the State of Chhattisgarh. JPL has emerged as a best performer in Ministry of Power and Central Electricity Authority project execution excellence study and won two National Awards- Gold Shield and Silver Shield for early completion of Thermal Power Projects. The 2400 MW super thermal power project was completed in a record time.