JIPT has developed miniature model of 250/600 MW Power Plant equipment and posters of Plant Equipment.


Boiler with sectional view to understand each important component of Boiler


Turbine (all three modules- HP,IP & LP with 90 degree cut view exhibiting each critical component of 600MW turbine.


Generator- with 90 degree cut view to exhibit all important internals including water cooled stator winding.

HP Heater

HP Heater- cut view showing details of water, steam, de-superheating zone, condensing zone, drain cooling zone and drip connection etc.


Bowl Mill (XRP 1103) cut view to show all major internals to understand sealing arrangement of roll Journals, Mill to Gear box, coal valve and RC feeder, classifier, bowl tray and segmental ring etc.

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump (double stage) with cut view to understand how vacuum pump works during starting and in load with all seal arrangement.

P.A Fan

P.A Fan (double stage) with Pitch control with 90 degree cut view to understand how the blade pitch is controlled.

Boiler Drum

Boiler Drum of 250 MW BHEL Unit with details of connections of down comers, water, steam, steam separator, blow down & chemical dosing etc.