Multimedia CBT Package

JIPT has established a Multi-media Computer Based Training (CBT) room on Power Plant Engineering covering Thermal, Hydro & Gas power plants, which is a unique feature in any Thermal Power training Institute in India. CBT allows a trainee to understand the process and machinery at one’s own pace of learning and assessment.
JIPT has following CBT packages :

S.N. Name of the Multimedia CBT Package
  A) Boilers
1. Combustion System in Boilers
2. Boiler Drum and Drum Internals
3. Super Heater, Re-heater and De-Super Heater
4. Air Heater
5. Fuel Handling System, Feed Heating System & Exhaust System
6. CFB Boiler
  B) Turbines
7. Water/Steam cycle of a Thermal Power Plant
8. Steam Turbine Construction
9. Turbine Governing System (KWU)
10. Regenerative Feed Heating System
11. Turbine Vacuum System
12. HP-LP Bypass System
13. Turbine Lubricating Oil System
14. P. I. D. Control
  C) Generators
15. Working Principles of Generator & Electrical Systems in a Thermal Power Station
16. Generator Construction
17. Generator Excitation System
18. Generator Seal Oil System
19. Generator Cooling System
  D) Auxiliaries
20. Power Station Fans
21. Electrical Motors in Power Station
22. Coal Mills & Milling Systems
23. Electrostatic Precipitators
24. Cooling Water System
25. Compressed Air, Water Treatment & Fire Prevention Systems
27. Coupling for Power Transmission
28. Pumps used in Power Station
29. Boiler Feed Pump for Power Station
30. Valve Maintenance
   E) CCGT / Gas Thermal
31. Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Plant
32. Gas Turbine
  F) Hydro
35. Hydro Generator Construction
37. Hydro Turbine
  G) T & D
41. Power Transformers
42. Condition Monitoring of Power Transformers
43. Maintenance of Power Transformers
44. Power Station Switchgear
45. Switchgear Maintenance
46. Sub Station Maintenance Management – A System Approach
47. Drying out System of Power Transformers and Reactors
48. Cable and Cable Jointing
49. Motor & Motor Maintenance
50. Battery and Battery Maintenance
  H) Renewable
51. Renewable Energies
  I) Miscellaneous
53. Electrical Safety
54. Coal to Electricity