The Transport Section is managed by JIPT General Administration to help students, staff and administration.

  • Bus Shuttle services: From JPL Tamnar to Raigarh for students on all working/Non-working days with advance booking.
  • Bus Shuttle services: From JIPT Hostel to Savitri Nagar Colony for students on all working days.
  • JPL Plant bus service from Raigarh to Savitri Nagar colony are at different timings (07:20 am/11:30 am/04:00 pm/08:30 pm/11:00 pm), they have to get down at Jindal Power Limited Main Gate and come back to JIPT. 
  • JPL Plant bus service from Savitri Nagar colony to Raigarh are at different timings (04:30 am/10:00 am/01:00 pm/06:00 pm/08:30 pm).
  • Male students/trainees are advised not to board in ladies bus, shuttling inside the plant premises. They have to ascertain this before they board in the bus. Picking up a quarrel with the crew will only land them in trouble. Making noise/passing lewd comments/ spitting/smoking or any other offensive act will not be entertained by the crew or co-passenger. Students/Trainees are advised to co-operate with the transport system.