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Jindal Institute of Power Technology


Jindal Institute of Power Technology (JIPT) stands as a testament to Jindal Power Ltd’s (JPL) unwavering commitment to building a future-ready power sector workforce in India. Established in 2010, JIPT has consistently strived to bridge the critical skill gap through a comprehensive and evolving curriculum.

Our vision is to create a center of excellence in power training, not just for JPL but for the entire energy sector. By offering industry-relevant programs and fostering collaboration with leading institutions, JIPT empowers professionals and fresh graduates with the skills and knowledge to navigate the dynamic landscape of power generation.

Mr. Anil Kumar Pandey

Managing Director
Jindal Power Ltd.


Jindal Institute of Power Technology  (JIPT) reflects Jindal Power Ltd’s (JPL) deep commitment to knowledge sharing and continuous learning within the power sector. JIPT’s core philosophy emphasizes collaboration and sustainability.

Through partnerships with academic institutions and other utilities, JIPT empowers a broader workforce, fostering a more skilled and future-ready energy landscape across India. Our curriculum is not limited to traditional power generation but actively integrates renewable energy technologies and advanced concepts critical for achieving a sustainable future.

Mr.Chhavi Nath Singh

Executive Director
Jindal Power Ltd,Tamnar


Jindal Institute of Power Technology  (JIPT) welcomes students and industry professionals seeking a transformative learning experience. Since its inception in 2010, JIPT has been dedicated to empowering individuals with the expertise to excel in the power sector.

Our meticulously designed curriculum caters to diverse needs, offering post-graduate programs for aspiring engineers and short-term skill development courses for technicians and workers. JIPT goes beyond traditional classroom learning, fostering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Our methodology incorporates interactive workshops, hands-on training at real plant sites, and advanced simulator experiences. This holistic approach equips graduates with the skills and confidence to excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving power sector.

We invite you to explore JIPT and discover the world of learning that awaits you.

Mr. Sanjiv Kumar

Jindal Institute of Power technology, Tamnar