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Jindal Institute of Power Technology



JIPT has developed miniature model of 250/600 MW Power Plant equipment and posters of Plant Equipment. These model and posters provide a valuable learning tool for students, engineers, and anyone interested in understanding the fascinating world of power generation.

Key Model Highlights:

  • Boiler: See a sectional view highlighting the essential parts responsible for steam generation.
  • Turbine: Three detailed posters showcase the High-Pressure (HP), Intermediate-Pressure (IP), and Low-Pressure (LP) turbine modules, with 90-degree cutaways revealing their critical components.
  • Generator: A cutaway view unveils the intricate internals, including the vital water-cooled stator winding.
  • HP Heater: A cutaway poster displays the water, steam, de-superheating, condensing, drain cooling zones, and drip connections within the heater.
  • Pulverizer Bowl Mill (XRP 1103): Explore the mill’s internal workings through a cutaway view, showcasing the sealing arrangement of roll journals, the mill gearbox, coal valve and feeder, classifier, bowl tray, and segmental ring.
  • Vacuum Pump (double stage): Learn how this pump functions during startup and operation through a cutaway view that illustrates its working principle and sealing arrangements.
  • PA Fan (double stage) with Pitch control: A cutaway view demonstrates the mechanism that controls the pitch of the blades, optimizing fan performance


 Extensive resources: The library offers books, manuals, handouts, and other materials related to thermal power plants and allied subjects.
Modern amenities: The fully air-conditioned space can seat over 100 students and provides access to audiovisuals, working papers, and student projects.
Convenient access: The library information system is accessible online and on-campus.
Hours: Open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


  • JIPT offers advanced simulators for power plant training. These replicate real-world operations of 800MW Supercirital Plants, 600MW, 525MW, 250MW Subcritical Plants,150MW,135MW CFBC Plants and Advance renwable energy like Solar,Wind,Hydro and Smart Grid Transmission System
  • Simulators train operators and engineers in normal, abnormal, and emergency situations, preparing them for real-world control room work in just two weeks.
  • Key features include: routine startups/shutdowns, handling emergencies, and analyzing plant operations.


The Jindal Institute of Power Technology (JIPT) is proud to house a state-of-the-art Renewable Energy Lab, providing students and researchers with a hands-on learning environment for exploring sustainable energy technologies.

Our Lab Features:

  • 500Wp Grid-Tied Solar System: This system demonstrates the conversion of sunlight into electricity and its seamless integration with the utility grid.
  • 300W Wind Turbine: Students can explore wind energy generation and its dependence on wind speed and direction.
  • 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell: This setup allows for the study of hydrogen production through electrolysis and its utilization in a fuel cell for clean electricity generation.



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